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Weekly Events

We currently don't have any events planned for March 2020, please check back soon for updates.



Six Nations - 2.15PM - 8.00PM

One of the sports greatest tournaments is returning to the Mitre in what promises to be the most exciting following the Rugby World Cup. Come to the pub to cheer, laugh and cry with your friends and family and enjoy a drink and a bite to eat surrounded by fellow supporters (as long as they support your team). Book your spot with us today to avoid not getting your perfect vantage point of the game!


International Women's Day - 12.00PM - 10.30PM



St David's Day - 12.00PM - 10.30PM

Falls off the death of Saint David in 589AD. Celebrating all that is Welch with Parades and food. Come to the Mitre and try our Rarebit which is already on our menu! Try it now!


St Patrick's Day - 11.00AM - 11.00PM

Saint Patricks day, also known as the feast of Saint Patrick celebrates st Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. The day also celebrates the heritage and culture of the Irish in general. with all the parades and festivals with shamrocks everywhere pop into the mitre and grab your Guinness with your own personal shamrock!


Cucumber Currency Day - 11.00AM - 11.00PM

Show us your Cucumber!
Yes you heard right, on Wednesday March 20th we’ll be swapping a refreshing glass of Hendrick’s Gin and Fever-Tree tonic for the unsung hero of the vegetable world, the humble cucumber. But before you start cultivating your cumber we’ve got some news…

After such a success last spring we suspected this year could spiral into a national cucumber shortage, which meant action was needed. This year we’ll be getting edgy with our veggie and bringing our cucumbers online.load the Young’s On Tap (if you don’t have it already) from app store and register.
Go onto your On Tap app and find your digital cucumber waiting in the My Treats section.
Tap in on the app when you’re at your favourite Young’s pub.
Present your digital cucumber at the bar to claim your free Hendrick’s and Fever-Tree tonic.


Mother's Day - 12.00PM - 10.30PM

.Every year Mums across the world have one day to do nothing and kick their feet up. I hope you have your mother a very special gift. We know this can hard for everyone running around after your mothers demands so bring her to the Mitre and dine out with the lady that has made you who you are. We can promise a special evening where you can all relax and let us do the work for you.

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